Mentor's experience to develop your entrepreneurship

We offer the experiences and expertise of Mentors who have demonstrated throughout their career their ability to face the challenges of business life, in very diverse fields, in Luxembourg and beyond.

Our mission

A support over 12 or 18 months

We are particularly looking to help the directors of Luxembourg companies, with a few years of experience, and facing a challenge which requires a mentoring relationship.

We offer a twinning program between experienced mentors and mentees, in order to promote the professional development of an entrepreneur (the Mentore) and his company.

Program objectives


the start-up of projects and / or companies and to secure their growth


the frequent isolation of the project leader, future business manager,


managerial skills and to promote the decision-making process,


an outside look at the strategy and the means to deploy it.


  • build self-confidence
  • know how to share your challenges
  • learn from the mentor's experience
  • have a different perspective on your business
  • improve their expertise

Commitments of the mentee

  • Be available and willing to welcome the support of his mentor by attending meetings at the times agreed with the mentor and without delay, or if unable to inform the mentor,
  • Take charge of your career development
  • Present your project to the outside view of a mentor, be proactive, accept suggestions and questioning (attitudes, behaviors, practices)
  • Accept to devote time and effort to develop their professional practice in order to continuously improve
  • Want to learn from someone else
  • Be willing to talk about himself, about what he is going through
  • Take responsibility for your choices.