Alain Tayenne

As a mentor, I am interested in exchanging ideas and information to better serve any entrepreneurial or established business.

I’m happy to share informal networking tips, advice, and contacts across all facets of entrepreneurial leadership. Sectors and/or industries include Regtech, Fintech, Global Risks and Compliance including Financial Crimes, Mobile Payment, Automotive and Mobility.

I have led the full lifecycle of a company from company formation, financing, due diligence, valuation, transactions with venture capital/private equity funds.

I led global business expansion and established new offices in North America, Europe, India and Asia. Manage all facets of a business, from business development, marketing, software R&D, delivery, finance and operations. I have a good knowledge of SaaS solutions and modern growth hacking techniques.

Topics of interest include how to: maximize business growth and profitability through operational excellence, business transformation and digitalization.