Michael Boufassa

Half a century in the service of Gastronomy Luxury hotels.

When I am asked to talk about my professional career, I start with this quote from the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway “When I dream of Heaven, I always find myself transplanted at the RITZ in Paris”

It is this legendary Palace that gave me training, a promotion, a permanent imprint of the design of luxury hotels and gastronomy for 16 years thanks to two men, one in the kitchen, Auguste Escoffier, the other in the dining room, C├ęsar Ritz, two pioneers, visionaries who revolutionized our fascinating profession with the motto – Luxury, Perfection, Discretion, Benevolence – Motto that I have devised myself to practice for half a century in 4 establishments, The Ritz , Le Roi Dagobert, Le Royal, Le Cercle Munster.

My goal as part of my Business Mentoring mission is to pass my experience on to future Horesca professionals,