Speedwell coulon

Creativity and technicality, openness to others and rigor, team spirit, my different professional phases have allowed me to develop these skills, sometimes opposite but always complementary.

My professional career is punctuated by stages which, each time, required questioning, risk-taking, tenacity but which also sharpened my sense of challenge and change: architect, director of technical and financial services , company director and, finally, company creator in the building sector.

It has been enriched with learning, manual or intellectual, such as that of house painter, craftsman for passive houses or certified coach in the context of professional life.

In addition, this path has been the occasion of beautiful encounters in the realization of projects or in associative circles, in Luxembourg and in international meetings.

A thirst for discovery, to feed on other experiences, to discuss and share ideas and know-how, that’s what keeps me going.

Opening paths, overcoming obstacles, venturing into unknown terrain, looking from another angle, surprising yourself, these are actions that I accompany as a mentor.