Roland HABER

In nearly 50 years of professional life, I have experienced it all: business creation, mergers and bankruptcies.

I arrived in Luxembourg in 1978, seconded from Deutsche Telekom to the European Commission where I advised the construction of the first pan-European data transmission network (EURONET).

In 1984, I left my official post at Deutsche Telekom and founded my first company “Infopartners”, working mainly in IT for the European institutions.

In 2000, we merged this 70 employee company with another IT company to reach a total of 140 employees (Primesphere).

Following the sale of this company to new shareholders in 2006, the company went bankrupt in 2008 due to mismanagement of shareholders’ investment.

In 2008 I created XPERTIZ, of which I am still CEO today. XPERTIZ is an IT services company working mainly in JAVA with today some 35 employees.