A Franco-Luxembourger and a convinced European, Gabriel Boisante had already enjoyed a highly diversified career between Paris (Adventis, Axa) and Luxembourg (Luxcontrol, EGB, WSA) when, in 2012, in association with brothers Ray and Tom Hickey, he opened Mama loves you, the first in a long series of bars and restaurants. The eldest of four children and father of three, he has a strong sense of community and wants to give meaning to his thirst for entrepreneurship to help improve city life and the hospitality industry. With the development of Twisted Cat beer and the Worx general contracting company, he now employs some 200 people. A development he feels he owes to Luxembourg, it’s what led him, in 2017, to get involved in politics, on the LSAP list in the municipal elections. Today, he is a Luxembourg City Councillor and President of the capital’s Socialist faction.