Cyril Ercolani

For more than 24 years now in the craft industry, I have developed skills that are essential and essential for good business development.

My greatest strength lies in the fact that I have been able to climb each function within the company, which allows me today to benefit from a very specific expertise in the field.

I started my career in 1998 as a worker, then a technician, salesperson, manager, before being self-employed for more than 14 years now.

I have completed numerous training courses in marketing, management, project management and human resources. I succeeded from nothing to create a company of 60 people realizing a turnover of 6 million euros.

Today and after nearly two years of training as a professional coach, I accompany, help find and build solutions to the problems that arise along a path, on the basis of solid methodologies, models and tools, I work on beliefs and brakes, to bring out potentials and activate motivations.