The mentor will :

  • help the mentee for the duration of the agreement,
  • ideally meet the mentee once a month. These interviews may in some cases, with the mentee's agreement, be spaced out or grouped, with the ultimate goal that the mentor oversees the mentee at least 40 hours in the year,
  • support the mentee by providing experience to contribute to the development of both their business and entrepreneurial personality.


Mentoring is not "one way", i.e. only in the sole interest of the mentee, but should also bring measurable benefits to the mentor.

The mentor will get the opportunity to:

  • participate in a real human adventure,
  • share their experience and feel useful,
  • participate in the success of young entrepreneurs,
  • help guarantee the relief of existing businesses,
  • pass on to another, what they would have liked to have received when they first started up,
  • continue learning,
  • make the "image" of a leader more accessible,
  • take a step back from their own activities and enrich themselves through contact with the mentee,
  • help to boost "entrepreneurial spirit" in Luxembourg.
  • benefit from a platform for exchange of best managerial practices.