MEET A MENTOR le Jeudi 14 janvier 2021.

Published on 08 January 2021


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MEET A MENTOR on Thursday 14th January 2021.

Take this opportunity to ask mentor for advice, share your daily difficulties, talk about your project to come and more... Mentors go dedicated their time to answering your questions.
30 minutes one-to-one private interview in complete confidentiality with the mentor of your choice:
Michel Dakessian, Cyril Coffin-Eltrich, Cyrille Ercolani, Claude Faber, Carole Miltgen, Annick Lebrun Nelissen, Pierandrea Amedeo, Alain Tayenne, Cédric Jacques, Sharon D. March.

You want to participate? send an e-mail to  and briefly present your profile and the field of activity in which you operate and the name of the mentor you would like to talk to.

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