Tom Girardin : "The opportunity to share my thoughts and doubts and ... to learn more about myself and my business is a precious gift"

Published on 10 September 2019


Tom Girardin

Discover Tom Girardin, Managing Partner of Pétillances. He has been supported by his mentor Stefan Peters for 12 months. He shares with us his entrepreneurial adventure and the impact of the mentorship on himself and on his company.

Can you describe briefly the activity of Pétillances?

We at Pétillances aim to change the world. To do so,  we offer a diverse range of psychosocial risk prevention services, including training workshops, consultancy and crises management. In addition to this, we also provide team and individual coaching sessions, as well as a large offer of trainings covering multiple topics. Our speciality is to provide tailor-made training sessions designed to respond to the specific needs of our clients. Our multilingual team delivers the services in all the commonly used languages of the country.

What were the challenges you had to face ? In which ways the Artificial Intelligence will impact your company development?

At Pétillances, we had to manage the growth and keep adapting internally to the ever-growing customer base and the administrative workload that comes with it. The second challenge was developing the business in our neighboring countries (France, Germany and Belgium). Finally, a challenge which every entrepreneur faces, is how to finance growth and manage the risks. Currently, the training business is in a challenging phase, stretched between MOOC’s, E-learning and tailor-made small group trainings. We constantly need to innovate and provide training formulas that respond to the customer’s needs. Digitalization is one part of the answer, but I don’t see how the actual technology can replace experience and empathy and still keep a qualitative training experience for the participants. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that we are not testing new technologies and trying to incorporate them in our training methodology, as for example VR.

How did you feel when you started your relationship with Stefan? What were your expectations?

I started the mentoring without a lot of expectations, but I had a strong will to learn and further develop myself and my business. Stephan was very accessible and from the first session on we were able to conduct deep discussions. Stephan has this significant ability to ask questions that made me dig deeper and enlarge my perception. He is a sparring partner with whom I was able to think through ideas and revise strategic decisions. Personally, I always looked forward to attend every single session. This opportunity to share my thoughts and doubts, to question my ideas and my vision and to learn more about myself and my business is a precious gift and a welcome creative moment in the hectic daily schedule.

How did you progress personally ? After the mentorship relationship, did you implement any changes in your company?

The program made me grow, specifically on strategic decision taking and I definitely will be missing the mentoring sessions with Stephan. During the last 12 months the company continued growing and enlarging its customer base in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. We now have 10 staff members to run the daily business and a pool of freelance trainers and coaches to support us providing tailor made services to our customers.

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