Quality commitment

Businessmentoring undertakes:

  • to ensure that its participants comply with the programme and with the rules of ethics governing the mentoring relationship, as set forth in this Vademecum, which are based on the following values:
    • -  confidentiality,
    • -  communication and transparency,
    • -  financial impartiality,
    • -  the absence of conflicts of interest,
    • -  and commitment on a voluntary, unpaid basis.
  •  to select its mentors and mentees in accordance with clear and transparent eligibility criteria, in line with the methodology that has been developed,
  • to support entrepreneurs (mentees) first and foremost in their determination to develop, not by seeking "quick fixes",
  • to propose the best possible mentor-mentee relationship depending on the respective wishes and expectations, based on complementarity and personal chemistry rather than on the mentor's field of expertise,
  • to offer regular support to mentors and mentees throughout the mentoring relationship,
  • to seek to improve mentors' and mentees' satisfaction with the programme by listening attentively to their requirements,
  • to practise mentoring in line with the Charter of common values of Réseau M, the mentoring network for entrepreneurs of the Quebec Foundation for Entrepreneurship. This entrepreneurial mentoring differs from other mentoring practices in several respects: it focuses on the entrepreneur, not on the enterprise; it is based on sharing experiences rather than on sharing expertise, with an overall approach that is interactive rather than directive; its is targeted towards soft skills related to entrepreneurial behavior.

This undertaking is based notably on five strategic objectives:

  • working to achieve continuous improvement of the mentoring offered to mentees and encouraging mentors' long-term commitment to the programme via a cycle of appropriate training and follow-up,
  • regularly evaluating and analysing the appropriateness, efficacy and consequences of the programme based on a satisfaction survey conducted with mentors and mentees at the end of each mentoring cycle,
  • continuing to promote the programme in Luxembourg and to strengthen the existing partnerships with a view to establishing mentoring as a durable force on the economic scene,
  • promoting the concept of mentoring for entrepreneurs with other organisations that support SMEs internationally, in the Grande Région (Greater Region of Luxembourg) and in the rest of Europe in order to encourage the exchange of best practices in the field of support for entrepreneurs,
  • diversifying the activities of the Grouping in charge of coordinating the programme, notably by targeting other fields of application or sectors of activity.



 BusinessMentoring joined the mentoring network for entrepreneurs of the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship (Canada) in March 2014.