Benefit from the experience of business leaders/ info session on June 25th at 12:30 at the Lux FutureLab

25 Jun 2019

Ceremonie publique


Dear entrepreneurs,

Are you familiar with the BusinessMentoring programme (one stop-shop to mentor)?

The programme consists of matching experienced business leaders (mentors) with “less experienced” entrepreneurs (mentees) on a 6-to 18-month basis. The mentorship is based on reciprocal commitments in an environment of confidentiality, mutual respect and trust, and transparency.

Ultimately, the goal is to help the mentee avoid typical mistakes of beginners and allow them to adopt the posture and reflexes of a leader.

Who is the programme dedicated to?

The programme aims to help all company leaders whose business is in the start-up, development or transfer phase.
Leaders of startups are eligible if their company has already been created and if there is already a finalised prototype that is ready to be launched on the market.

Are you interested in this support?

BusinessMentoring, in collaboration with the Lux Future Lab, are delighted to invite you to an information session for future mentees, which will take place on:

Tuesday, June 25th at 12.30 p.m. at the Lux future Lab, 59 boulevard Royal 

The topic of the day: “Succeed in your mentoring relationship”.


12.30-12.40 : introduction and round table
12.40-13.00 : presentation of the programme (ethics, tools, advantages…)
13.00-13.15 : testimonial of d’Antoine Granjon, season 2015 ( mentee) and his mentor, Jean-Marc Fandel   
13.15-13.30 : Q&A session

About the speakers

Antoine Granjon

Antoine Granjon is the co-founder and CEO of Adapti. He has studied advertising and digital marketing, and thanks to his second hat of web developer, he decided to become an entrepreneur and co-founded Adapti, startup specialized in webmarketing and websites personalization. Antoine started the business mentoring program while Adapti was fundraising and worked together with Jean-Marc for 12 months. 

Jean-Marc Fandel

Before developing his own advisory and training business, Jean-Marc was Group COO of Mash, CEO of Cetrel and MD of SIX Payment Services. He is an active mentor since 2014 and has mentored several start-up entrepreneurs, as well as family owned businesses.




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